5 Easy Changes We Can Make To Get Rid Of Our Bulge

Jun 2, 2016 at 10:04 am |

It’s the battle of the bulge!

I have it, there’s a good chance you might have it or know someone who has it. In fact, some of the biggest fitness fans and models out there have also admitted to having it. It’s that Gawd-awful bulge that we sometimes carry in our lower stomachs after having a meal too big or a baby too large (ha!). I’ve been carrying mine around for the last eight years and I’ll be honest in telling you that I absolutely hate the sight of it, too.

Yet, there are a few easy ways we can finally get rid of our bulges by making a few adjustments in our daily lives. Some of these are so easy, I’m surprised I haven’t caught on to them much earlier!

Source: Pixabay

Here are five easy steps we can make to get rid of our midsection bulge.

Here’s how we can finally get rid of that obnoxious bulge we’ve been carrying around!