6 Reasons Jessie Graff of ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Is a Role Model For My Daughters

Aug 31, 2016 at 3:06 pm |

Um, have you seen this girl?

If you haven’t yet watched the show “American Ninja Warrior,” you are missing out my friends. Our family got seriously addicted to the show last year and every Monday night at precisely 8 PM, we would settle down with a big bowl of puppy chow (so not healthy and so not approved for any American Ninja Warrior athlete diet, but hey, we’re just spectators, right?)

We’ve followed the show from the beginnings and Jessie Graff, one of the only female contestants on the show, quickly became a favorite in our family. Not only did she kick some serious butt on the show, but she also displayed some serious girl power.

And as a mom of three daughters, I’ve been grateful for them to see such an amazing role model.

Credit: Fox

Credit: Fox

She’s one of the only females on ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and as a mother to three girls, we think she’s amazing!

6 reasons why Jessie Graff rules...