6 Reasons the New ‘Gilmore Girls’ Series Is Oddly Disappointing

Nov 28, 2016 at 11:52 am |

The much-anticipated drama leaves much to be desired

On Black Friday, my husband whisked our four kids out of the house, declaring that he was giving me time to work. I had work to do, of course, and I thanked him profusely for giving me that necessary and vital time to contribute to our household income.

I relished in the silence of our clean home, cracked open a bottle of my favorite sparkling water, and started up my laptop with the full and serious intentions of getting started on some work that I had due. There was just one teensy, tiny problem:

The Gilmore Girls series was out. And I had some catching up to do. I lost a good couple of hours of work that day, but I regret nothing. I’ve been a long-time Gilmore Girls fan and although the way they talk so fast and so wittily does give me a headache sometimes, I still relished every minute of sitting down to the anticipation of a new and beautiful conclusion to the journey that has taken me several years.


Credit: Netflix

Netflix released their revamp of the ‘Gilmore Girls’ and well, it wasn’t all that we had hoped.

These are all the ways I was disappointed in the new Gilmore Girls series.