6 TV Shows To Keep You Company While You’re Up With The Baby All Night

Jun 10, 2016 at 10:27 pm |

You Netflix while the baby chills.

There is nothing more exhausting than the newborn and infant stage of parenting where you’re up every few hours and there isn’t even a routine to it. You find yourself up at three in the morning one night and six in the morning the next and then the entire night on the third day.

Sleep deprivation can leave you crazy and if you’re up feeding or cuddling a fussy baby or keeping one company who things it’s fun to play at one in the morning, there’s nothing better than your friend – TV – to keep you company too.

Sometimes the noise is good and other times it’s just nice to focus on something when you’re needing to keep your eyes on. That’s why TV series, once you can really get into and use as a perk for being up all night is awesome. You also want to pick something that’s not going to be too loud and startle your baby – and that’s why these 6 TV shows are the best company when you’re up all night.

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The perfect list of TV shows for when your baby is up again and you need to stay awake.

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