7 Things That Are Dirtier Than A Public Toilet Seat ~ Unbelievable

May 16, 2016 at 11:28 am |

Keep your hands off!

I know of a lot of people that are germophobes and while I don’t consider myself someone that is obsessed with ALWAYS keeping clean, I do keep hand sanitizer in my purse and I try not to use public bathrooms if I don’t have to (meaning I try to make my entire family go pee before we leave the house!).

Yet it looks like being near a public toilet should probably be the least of my worries, because there are plenty of things out there that we touch on a daily basis that is far worse! We have a list of seven things that probably don’t get cleaned as often as a toilet. These items will either shock you or make you start cleaning!

dirty toilets

Photo via Pixabay

Here’s a list of 7 things that are dirtier than a public toilet seat.

You won’t believe some of the things that are on this list!