9 Honest Snaps Of Parenthood That Will Have You LOLing!

Aug 1, 2016 at 10:09 am |

So honest and we LOVE it!

A lot of families like to have professional photos taken of them to capture a time when their little ones were still little and to have a perfect photo to frame in the house and to hand out as their Christmas cards. We spend a lot of time carefully selecting the photographer based on their portfolio, choose the perfect outfits for the family that seems like they make sense together, but aren’t too matchy. And we all know the struggle of getting that perfect snap when you have little ones around…

Well, one photographer decided to go a different route when she offered her family portraits and well, their a lot less polished and a lot more laugh-out-loud worthy.

Credit: Instagram / @danielleguentherphotos

Credit: Instagram / @danielleguentherphotos

A photographer captured images of real life parenting and it’s got us rolling on the floor laughing.

These are us, all of us!