9 Illustrations About Pregnancy That Are So Accurate We Can’t Stop Laughing

Jul 9, 2016 at 2:18 am |

These are so funny, it hurts!

Pregnancy is incredible and so many of us are lucky to get to experience it at least once in our life. But, if you were to try to explain to someone what pregnancy really feels like — like really, it would be hard to express what you mean. One artist was able to take the common pregnancy irks and showcase all the weirdness that happens when you’re growing a human and they’re just so perfect.

The photos are all of us and totally relatable, just take a look!

Credit: Instagram / @kosogkaos

Credit: Instagram / @kosogkaos

An artist was able to capture the hilariousness that is pregnancy because it’s not easy.

Pregnancy is NOT easy, even a little