A 9 Year Old Is The Latest Victim Of Her School’s Ridiculous School Dress Code Policy

Sep 5, 2016 at 9:50 am |

We need to stop the body shaming of our girls!

Another day, another young girl being body shamed by grown adults who create ridiculous dress code rules in our schools! Just over a week ago I told you about a young middle schooler who was found in violation of her school’s ridiculous dress code for wearing floral leggings and a tunic to school. After school officials whipped out their trusty tape measure to decide whether or not this 11-year-old should be shamed for wearing a perfectly cute and totally appropriate outfit to school, she was then made to wear school issued track pants before being denied the right to call her own mother.

I’ve written numerous times about how our girls are being singled out in our schools for violating misogynstic dress code rules and yet there are still those of you (so many of you!) who simply think the answer is to JUST FOLLOW THE DRESS CODE. When will you all realize the dress codes aren’t the issue here, but singling out our girls and body shaming them is? Maybe this story will help you realize that.

An elementary school in Southwest Mississippi is coming under fire for claiming a 9-year-old was in violation of their dress code for wearing clothes that look totally fine to me, but apparently it violates their dress code… and their reasoning is insane!

Yes, I said a NINE YEAR OLD. This is officially out of hand.

Credit: Robbie Nettles Facebook

Credit: Facebook / Robbie Nettles

A family is outraged after a 9-year-old was found in violation of the school’s dress code policy for seemingly wearing clothes that were ‘too tight.’

The school's reasoning is not something I agree with!!