A Baby Left Alone In A Restaurant Booth Is Sparking Social Media Outrage And An Investigation

Sep 9, 2016 at 10:43 am |

Should the parent pay a price for what they did?

Several years ago my family stayed at a beach resort for our vacation. During one certain evening I was left completely shocked when another family right next to us completely abandoned their baby – who was sitting in a high chair – for a solid four minutes. The father went to the buffet line to get his food while the mother took the older sibling to the bathroom.

During those four minutes I sat at my table watching the baby like a hawk out of fear that something could happen at any given moment. The baby could have choked on her food. The baby could have tried to climb out of her highchair. The baby could have been taken by a stranger. The dangerous possibilities were endless.

Luckily, nothing happened.

And that’s why I completely understand the outrage that many people are feeling over a mother who left her baby in a restaurant booth for several minutes while she went to get her food. But… should she really be crucified by the online community for what she did?


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One report says that a baby left in a restaurant booth is sparking both outrage and an investigation.

Is this really a crime?