A Baby Who Was Fed A Strict Vegan Diet Has Been Taken Away From His Parents For Being Severely Malnourished

Jul 12, 2016 at 11:41 am |

His grandparents brought him to the hospital

There is no doubt that there are huge health benefits to living a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, but is it appropriate for babies who require a certain amount of nutrients and vitamins to aid in their development?

A family has recently had their 14-month-old son taken away after he was brought to the hospital and found to be severely malnourished, weighing only as much as an average 3-month-old. Their strict vegan diet was to blame.


Credit: Shutterstock

A baby has been taken away from his parents after he was brought to the hospital severely malnourished, his parents strict vegan lifestyle to blame.

His health was in serious jeopardy