A Minnesota Area Mom Has Been Charged With Abuse And Starvation Of The Family Nanny

Jul 19, 2016 at 10:06 am |

This is horrific!

I’ve never had a nanny but I have had friends and family members who had and they all treated them like one of their own. They were nannies they sponsored from the Philippines and they basically became part of their family. After all, when someone lives with you and takes care of your children, you want them to be as happy as possible, right?

Sadly for one nanny that worked for a wealthy Minnesota family that wasn’t the case, and her employer is now facing five felony charges after subjecting her nanny to abuse, torture and slave like conditions.

Lili Huang Credit: Washington County Jail

Credit: Washington County Jail

A wealthy mother from Minnesota has been charged with 5 felonies after it was discovered she was abusing her nanny.

What she did to her nanny was appalling!