A Pregnancy Photo Shoot Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

Mar 21, 2016 at 2:08 pm |

Adorable dog shows off her puppy bump for the world to see.

I bet you thought your maternity photo shoot was amazing and gorgeous, right? It probably was, but it has nothing on this maternity photo shoot!

Ana Paula Grillo is a Brazilian photographer who has lots of experience taking pictures of adorable kids and families and even maternity shoots. When her friend’s dog got pregnant, Ana had the idea to do something quite fun – a maternity photo shoot for her friend’s dog Lilica!

The results are some of the most adorable pictures you’ll ever see!

Anna Fotografia Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Anna Fotografia/Facebook

After hearing that her friend’s pup was going to have puppies, a Brazilian photographer decided to give the mom-to-be a very original maternity photo shoot.

Adorable Dog Shows Off Baby Bump In Super Cute Photos