A Rattlesnake Bit A Groom During His Wedding Shoot And The Photographer Captured It All!

Jun 23, 2016 at 4:03 pm |

Thankfully he wasn't seriously injured!

Talk about your crazy stories!

Many of you may have an interesting story to tell about your wedding – maybe your grandmother had a bit too much champagne or maybe someone decided to reignite a long standing family feud, but I bet none of you can say your husband was bit by a rattlesnake during your wedding photo shoot!

Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened to one couple as they were posing for their wedding pictures, just 2 hours after becoming husband and wife, and their photographer was there to capture every minute of it, resulting in some of the most interesting wedding photos ever!

Maddie Mae Photography Facebook

Credit: Facebook / Maddie Mae Photography

A bride and groom got the wedding pictures of a lifetime when the groom was bit by a rattlesnake!

See what happened!