A Video Of Her Son’s Tantrum Went Viral And She’s Happy About It

Jun 24, 2016 at 2:46 pm |

She’s not playing around anymore

It always seems to happen when the store is crowded and you’re already frazzled. Your child can’t be reasoned with that they don’t need to keep playing with the balloon display and they kick and scream while you beg them to just go outside with you.

People stare and no one likes that – but they always do. Which happened to one mom who’s now saying she’s happy a video of her son losing it at the store has gone viral.

Credit: YouTube / Amie Carter

Credit: YouTube / Amie Carter

A mom is happy her son’s tantrum went viral because she says it’s bringing awareness to mental health issues and special needs.

There’s a larger message here and she wants you to hear it.