A Young Father Is Charged With Murder After Admitting He Punched His 4 Month Old Daughter To Death

Aug 19, 2016 at 8:43 am |

The details are horrific

Most parents look forward to that moment when their babies finally begin to babble and ‘talk’ to them. Most parents could sit and listen to their babies babble on and on for hours, loving to watch them express themselves and find their voice.

21-year-old Cory Morris is not like most parents. While home alone with his 4-month-old daughter Emersyn, the young father became so enraged when she wouldn’t be quiet that he did the unthinkable and killed her with his own hands.

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Credit: Fox 9 News

A 21-year-old father is under arrest after admitting to ‘punching’ his 4 month old daughter to death because she wouldn’t be quiet.

The details are horrific