Actress Jodie Sweetin Opens Up About Addiction Issues On Emotional Episode Of DWTS

Apr 5, 2016 at 12:26 pm |

The actress talks about how this is finally her most memorable year.

Many of us grew up watching Jodie Sweetin as the lovable and quick-witted Stephanie Tanner of Full House fame. Now, many of us and our kids are watching her reprise that role on the Netflix reboot, Fuller House.

If you’ve followed Sweetin’s career at all, you’ll know that while she’s probably having one of the best years of her life right now, she’s gone through some darker days involving drug and alcohol abuse, and she’s not shy talking about her struggles.

On the most recent episode of Dancing With The Stars, Sweetin opened up about her past struggles with drugs and alcohol to mask the pain.

Jodie Sweetin Instagram

 Photo Credit: Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Sweetin opens up about how she turned to drugs and alcohol after Full House wrapped and how her kids helped her turn her life around.

Find out what she was trying to mask by turning to drugs and alcohol.