Actress Says You’re Old Because You Have Kids

Jun 8, 2016 at 10:26 pm |

She's not even a mom!

Whenever I look at my before and after pictures, I can’t help but think that pregnancy has done a little something to my face and body. And quite honestly, I even think I look better as my facial features have softened up a bit after my first pregnancy. I’ve even gotten comments from family members that have said “motherhood looks good on you” or that being a mother has brought out the best in me.

And you know what, I’ll take each compliment that I can get (especially on those certain days in which I’m not feeling so hot myself lol). And I’ve even noticed it in other women too and how that post-baby glow makes them look more beautiful than ever before.

Yet, one Hollywood actress is saying that the reason why SHE looks so good is because at 41, she hasn’t had children yet. What’s more, she also says that the reason why women age so rapidly is because they are all having their babies in their thirties.


Credit: Instagram / @chloessevigny

One actress is getting a lot of heat for comments she’s making about women and pregnancies.

You’ve got to read what she has to say.