Adam Levine Has A Wild New Haircut You’ve Got To See

Jul 12, 2016 at 11:58 am |

Adam Levine is one hot baby daddy.

Hey, who says moms are the only ones who are allowed to switch up their style, especially when they are expecting or (as is usually the case) after they’ve given birth? Both times after I had my babies, one of the first things I did ‘for myself’ was hit up the hair salon and spa for some much needed me time. There’s nothing that makes you feel like a new you than a different cut, color and style, right mamas?

Well, our partners and baby daddys are definitely no different. Chart topper and papa-to-be Adam Levine, who is expecting his first child with South African super model Behati Prinsloo (you know that is coming to be one genetically blessed baby when she comes out), shared a new radical haircut this week. And let me tell you, we’ve never seen him look anything like this before!

Adam Levine

Credit: Instagram / @adamlevine

Adam Levine shows off a brand new haircut on Instagram.

Adam’s new look: love it or hate it?