After Losing Her Daughter To Cancer This Mom Posts The Most Heartbreaking Back To School Photo

Sep 9, 2016 at 8:41 am |

"There is a child missing"

Like most of us, I posted a variety of back to school photos this past week, celebrating my kids’ return to the classroom. In fact, my Facebook page has been overrun this week with all of my friends posting pictures of their kids as they head back to school.

This is one of my most favourite times of year to be on social media because I love seeing everyone’s pictures, watching their kids grow up as they embark on another new school year. However, it’s not a happy time for some parents.

For some, it’s a reminder of a milestone that will never happen.

Credit: Prayers For Kate Facebook

Credit: Prayers For Kate Facebook

One mother is using her heartbreaking back to school photo as a reminder that we need more government funding for childhood cancers.

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