Airline Came Through In A Big Way To Help An Expectant Dad Get Home In Time To Meet His Newborn Daughter

Feb 23, 2016 at 10:43 am |

West Jet came through in a big way for a man who received news that his father had a heart attack and his wife went in to early labour all while he was on a business trip in another country!


We all know that sometimes babies don’t really care about your whole ‘due date’ and they’ll come when they’re good and ready. Remember this baby who was born on a plane trip from Taiwan to LA? My first child was actually born on her due date but my next two children were both 11 days overdue, leaving me waiting, and waiting, and waiting for them to finally arrive. One expectant father named Jordan Pryma was told that he was all good to travel from his home in Edmonton, Alberta Canada to Las Vegas to attend a trade show because his wife wasn’t due for three more weeks.

Unfortunately for Jordan, while he was in Las Vegas he received some pretty tragic and unsettling news. Not only did he get a phone call that his father had suffered a major heart attack, but just three hours after receiving the call about his father he then received a text from his pregnant wife telling him she’d gone into labor. Obviously Jordan was frantically trying to get on an earlier flight but his cell calls to the West Jet desk at the local airport kept getting dropped. Jordan didn’t know if the airline was going to be able to help him so he just left for the airport hoping he would be able to get on an earlier flight. Little did he know that the airline had received enough information from one particular customer service agent and they were prepared to help him out in a big way!



One airline stepped up in a big way to get an expectant father home after he learned that his own father had a heart attack and his wife went in to labor within hours of each other.

See how the airline stepped up in a huge way to help this expectant father out!