Airline Denies Woman Refund After She Cancels Flight For Pregnancy

Nov 23, 2016 at 2:01 pm |

She was pregnant with twins and couldn’t fly.

Pregnancy is a tricky time in a woman’s life. On one hand, a woman deserves full and equal rights and opportunities, such as job security, health insurance, and the expectation that she can do anything a non-pregnant person can do.

But on the other hand, pregnancy is also a very physical experience and it does require medical accommodations for some women. Every woman will experience pregnancy differently and it’s important that we don’t lump women all in the same category when they are pregnant. Some women might have severe morning sickness and have to take work off, others might be put on bedrest. And others, like in this story, might just find out they are pregnant with twins right before a flight they already booked.

pregnant woman kicked off plane

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A woman is left angry at an airline who refused to refund her flight cost after she had to cancel for medical reasons.

Find out why one airline refused to help a pregnant mother.