Airport Security Forces Mom To Dump Out Two Weeks Worth Of Breast Milk

Apr 26, 2016 at 1:12 pm |

Thousands of moms from across the globe are showing their support.

It’s not enough that we make so many sacrifices as moms (not to mention all the challenges that comes with the job), but it looks like some of us just can’t catch a break!

California mom Jessica Coakley Martinez is rightfully furious after security at London’s Heathrow Airport dumped her hard-earned and pumped breast milk right in front of her! The reason? Because she had 500 ounces of breast milk which she pumped for her eight-month-old son during a 15-day overseas work trip.

Now, Martinez has written a letter in defense that has gone viral with thousands of mothers from around the world supporting her and expressing their anger, too!


Photo via Shutterstock

A letter by a mom who was forced to dump out two weeks of breast milk she had pumped for her infant son at the Heathrow airport is going viral.

Read her open letter to aviation security at Heathrow Airport.