UPDATE: Alligator Attacks And Drags 2-Year-Old Boy Into The Water Near Disney Resort

Jun 15, 2016 at 9:12 am |

Heartbreak for the family.

Honestly, this has been the worst week for a place that a lot of people usually call the happiest place on Earth. There are new reports indicating that an alligator attacked and dragged a 2-year-old boy near the Grand Floridian resort at Disney World on Tuesday night.

The little boy was with his parents and siblings and were supposedly watching a night-time movie with other guests from the resort near the beach. And the parents did what any other parent would do during such a horrific attack.

Credit: Instagram / @waltdisneyworld

Credit: Instagram / @waltdisneyworld

Reports indicate that an alligator has dragged a 2-year-old boy into the water at Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon near the Grand Floridian resort.

There's been a major development in this heartbreaking story