Alyssa Milano Says Her Marriage Is Strong Because Her Parents Move In Every Weekend

Sep 21, 2016 at 9:08 am |

Their reasoning is fantastic

You ask most people, and the thought of their parents moving in with them gives them anxiety. “It’s hard enough visiting for a weekend,” most will respond. Well, that sort of changes after kids, because you realize that their overbearing and controlling tendencies can actually come in handy, and it isn’t so bad having that extra set of hands.

It’s also nice having someone to help with the cooking and cleaning and a trusted and loving soul to leave your kids with – because let’s face it – they would often rather hang out with nana and pop pop than boring ol’ mom and dad.

Well, Alyssa Milano has figured this out in a major way and is using it to her advantage.

Credit: Instagram / @milano_alyssa

Credit: Instagram / @milano_alyssa

Celebrity mom says she gets through parenthood and her marriage because her parents live at her house all weekend, every weekend.

You won’t believe the arrangement she has with her parents!