Amazon May Have A Solution To Keep Moms In The Workforce

Aug 30, 2016 at 12:30 pm |

This is BIG news for the maternal work force!

It is pretty much a fact of life that there is a gender pay gap in the work force, and many blame the simple fact that women who have children are the reason for this. It is often difficult for women who decide to have a family to go back to work, as they aren’t exactly looking for full-time hours because they want the luxury of being home when their children get out of school and be available to their family when needed. Some of them will take part-time jobs or start their own businesses, which offer little or no benefits, while others will leave the workforce altogether.

But Amazon, who was under fire last year for pushing their employees too hard, may have a clever solution for keeping these women employed with benefits.

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This is BIG news for the maternal work force!

You'll be blown away!! Where can we sign everyone up for this?!