Amy Schumer Taunts Her Fat-Shaming Trolls In Latest Instagram Post

Jul 19, 2016 at 12:15 pm |

She is “sending love” with new swimsuit snap

Amy Schumer is plain and simple, one of the most hilarious Hollywood stars on social media and although she’s not a mom, her humor on body image often resonates with moms who are learning to love their body. The Trainwreck star, who has never shied away from discussing her beautiful body in all of its imperfect glory, recently vacationed with her family in Hawaii and used it as an opportunity to taunt her fat-shaming, online trolls.

And her message, so very to-the-point and real, is totally epic.

Amy Schumer’s latest message to her haters will have you in stitches!

What did she have to say to her haters?