Anne Hathaway Is Every New Mom Returning To The Gym After Baby

May 24, 2016 at 6:38 pm |

'I cried a little bit'

Personally, I hate the gym. I would much rather work out at home than ever subject myself to the judgment of others at a public gym. I’m also very away that people are probably paying me no attention when I go to the gym but still, I always feel like I’m being judged.

It’s even worse when you’re a new mom and all you want to do is spend an hour or so doing something for yourself without people looking at you like you’re using the machines wrong or silently criticizing you new mom body, especially when you’re feeling pretty good about yourself.

Even new mom celebrities like Anne Hathaway are no different to the insensitive comments some people at the gym can make as she shares with Ellen the story of how one trainer made her cry!

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Anne Hathaway has more confidence now that she’s a new mom, but one gym trailer was still able to make her cry.

See how one gym employee made Anne cry after she had her baby