Apparently, Facebook Engagement Makes Makes Us Happier Than Our Real Lives

Sep 8, 2016 at 10:53 am |

Satisfaction online

I’ve said this a dozen times over, yet I’ll say it again: Facebook and social media as a whole, have both positive and negative factors. Sure, it’s loads of fun keeping up with your friends and family who live a far, but for some people it’s a downright obsession. And a scary obsession too, especially when they start curating a life that is so different than reality that you almost wonder if it’s even healthy.

Surely, we’re all a little guilty of exaggerating the truth online a little bit, right?

There’s a new study that says Facebook, and the joy we get from looking at it, may be starting to creep into our real lives in a scary way…

Facebook comments

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There’s a new report that says getting a lot of Facebook comments is just as satisfying as marriage and having a baby.

OK... could this be why so many people are legit addicted?