Apparently It’s Been a REALLY Long Time Since Tom Cruise Spent Time With Suri

Nov 7, 2016 at 11:45 am |

Is this surprising?

Let’s all admit it, most of us were completely caught off guard when we learned that Katie Holmes had filed for divorce from Tom Cruise back in 2012. After all, he was couch-jumpingly in love with her and they had the most gorgeous little daughter together.

However there were often rumblings in the press that Cruise’s relationship with Scientology was becoming an issue between Tom and Katie, as it was rumored to have done with Tom and ex-wife Nicole Kidman, so many said they weren’t surprised when Katie finally filed for divorce.

What many are surprised about is how little we see Tom with his now 10-year-old daughter, with some reports stating he hasn’t seen her in 3 years!

Photo credit GIULIO NAPOLITANO/AFP/GettyImages

Credit: Getty Images / GIULIO NAPOLITANO

Since their highly public divorce in 2012, it seems that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have had a hard time co-parenting with rumours saying that Tom hasn’t seen daughter Suri in 3 years.

Has it really been that long? What could be the reason?!