Are Parents Taking Advantage Of Having Their Kids Away At Camp To Have Sex Parties?!

Jul 22, 2016 at 10:43 am |

Do you do this?

While my kids are enjoying their time at summer camp, they simply attend a day camp because with 4 of them I’ve never been able to afford to send them off to sleep-away camp.

While I’ve often daydreamed of kids being gone for a week or two (bliss!) at a sleep-away camp, it’s because I imagine all the things I could that wouldn’t involve entertaining and chauffeuring 4 kids around, like grocery shopping in peace and perusing the aisles at Barnes and Noble completely uninterrupted.

What I have never imagined doing during my time is partaking in drug laden sex parties, but it seems some of you parents do!


Credit: Shutterstock

A new article suggests that kids aren’t the only ones having fun while they’re off to camp. Their parents are taking the opportunity to let loose too!

Do you believe this is happening?!