Artist Gives Sick Kids Amazing Tattoos To Give Them A Big Smile

May 24, 2016 at 10:05 am |

Don't worry, they're temporary!

Tattoo artists don’t always have the best rep, especially if you’re not a tat connoisseur yourself. You might picture a 350-pound guy named Tiny, cigarette dangling from his mouth, inking a drunk frat boy with ‘Mother,’ but the truth is, tattoo artists are pretty badass. Not only can they draw basically anything, but they can do so on someone else’s body, permanently, without flinching.

An artist from New Zealand (whose tattoo art is limited to the airbrushing variety) might seem rough around the edges, but it turns out he’s a pretty great guy.

He airbrushes supremely cool, ultra-realistic sleeve tattoos on kids, and has committed to doing the same for very sick ones.

Credit: Benjamin Lloyd Facebook page

A New Zealand artist airbrushes removable tattoo sleeves on kids, and has committed to do so for all the sick kids in the local children’s hospital.

He's so talented...