Baby-Proofing Challenge Reminds Us How Dangerous Our Homes Can Be

Apr 28, 2016 at 4:07 am |

Can You Spot The Dangers?

Babies get into trouble constantly as they explore the world around them. As parents, we know they’re pretty dumb – er, inexperienced – so we try to make their surroundings less deadly.

Sometimes our kids can surprise us by touching, pulling, dragging, flushing, or eating things we never even considered to be dangers.

Daily Mail has reported on an Australian advertisement which demonstrates risks and offers tips on baby proofing.

Here is an image of a seemingly innocent living room, but Kidsafe, the company responsible for the ad, would say there are 11 potential dangers. Can you spot them?


Credit: Daily Mail

Credit: Daily Mail


An Australian advertisement highlights risks and offers tips to baby-proof an average home living room.

What Are The Dangers In This Living Room?