Baby Stuns Everyone and Says “Hello” at Only Six Weeks Old

Nov 30, 2016 at 3:40 pm |

It's the cutest thing!

Do you remember your baby’s first word?

My youngest said “mama” first, when he was almost one year of age. Pretty typical, right? Of course as a mother, you want your baby’s first word to be “mama”! After all, mommy is taking care of baby most of the time.

When my second baby’s first word was “dada”, I was heartbroken! Not really, okay… maybe a little.

Now there is a baby in England who said her first word, at only weeks old!

little baby feet wrapped up towel

Credit: Shutterstock

Parents shared a cute video of their new baby saying “hello” and the internet fell in love.

Watch the video of sweet baby girl saying "hello"