Bad Moms Are Guilty Moms?

Jul 27, 2016 at 10:05 am |

Are Bad Moms Guilty?

After having a fight with her husband… “I’m going to try to do everything by myself today,” Mom says as she’s serving breakfast and seriously trying to figure out if she just screwed herself by putting that into the Karma Universe. She then continues, “…as long as everyone does what they are supposed to do, right?”

Mom, pushes everyone into the car and is now headed off to drop kids off to school and make it to work without any fails – while also trying to figure out how to get the adorable limping dog to the vet! Once mom arrives in the front of the kids’ school, the PTA President approaches and kindly (OK, annoyingly)  informs that there’s an “emergency PTA meeting” that very same night.

Does this sound like your morning in your life?

Well, the funny thing is that this is actually the start of the Bad Moms movie that will open nationwide Friday, July 29, 2016. The “Mom” in the story above could easily be you, but in this movie it’s actress Mila Kunis.

Our question is: Are Bad Moms, Guilty Moms? There are definitely a lot of bad moms out there and Jill Simonian, the Founder of the lifestyle blog, sat down and discussed with the actresses! See what they have to say!!!

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We caught up with the stars from the new movie ‘Bad Moms’ to find out if they ever feel guilty for being a working parent and their secrets for making it all work.

What do the actresses think? Are bad moms guilty?