Beautiful Hospital Picture Shows The Strength Of The Bond Between A Boy And His Service Dog

Feb 24, 2016 at 1:35 pm |

He truly is a boy's best friend

James Isaac is a 9 year old boy from Wellington, New Zealand and where he goes, his service dog Mahe goes as well. James is Autistic and nonverbal, and according to the New Zealand website Stuff, he won’t make eye contact and doesn’t enjoy being touched. That changes however when Mahe is around. With Mahe he’ll happily curl up and cuddle, the bond between the two unbreakable.

According to James’s mom Michelle, the feeling is mutual. “And for Mahe, James is his best mate, he is all about James.”  The bond is so strong between the boy and his dog that Mahe was recently allowed to join James at the Wellington Children’s Hospital where he had to undergo an MRI to try and find out why he is having seizures.  Hospital photographer Louise Goossens captured the touching images of James and Mahe at the hospital and James has them posted on his Facebook page.


Photo Credit Facebook


Hospital procedures can be scary, but these pictures of a service dog comforting a boy with autism will warm your heart.

See how this service dog truly brought comfort to James during his time in the hospital.