Big News Revealed About Josh And Anna Duggar’s Marriage

Nov 9, 2016 at 10:07 am |

he couple has been rumored to be in the process of splitting

The state of Josh and Anna Duggar’s marriage has been under speculation for over a year, since the 28-year-old son of Jim Bob and Michelle checked into a Rockford, Illinois rehab facility following his shocking sex and molestation scandals.

For awhile, it seemed that his wife, also 28, was prepared to stand by his side through it all, despite the fact that the father of her children cheated on her in such a public way. However, the couple, who recently celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary, have been speckled by divorce rumors.

Well, if actions speak louder than words, the couple made a major declaration about the state of their marriage over the weekend.

Josh and anna Duggar smiling

Credit: Facebook / Duggar Family Official

There have been a lot of rumors about how these two are handling marriage and if they will continue to stay together and the latest news is shocking.

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