Blac Chyna Reveals Her Exact Due Date and How Much She’s Gained So Far

Oct 13, 2016 at 10:16 am |

The reality star isn’t holding anything back this pregnancy.

The Kardashian clan has been through a lot recently. Aside from their ever-growing empire (no, seriously, do you even know how much they make? Say what you want about them, but they know business, my friends), some questionable behaviors by new member Kayne, husband of Kim, it seems like America’s Favorite Hate-to-Love family is going through some rocky waters.

First there was the tricky business of dealing with the transition of Caitlin Jenner, something that came with a lot of happiness but understandably difficult emotions for many family members, the news of Kloe’s husband’s drug abuse and subsequent divorce proceedings, and now, Rob’s engagement and pregnancy news to Blac Chyna, who is — get this — also the mother of a child she had with rapper Tyga, who is currently dating Kylie Jenner, Queen of Snapchat and expensive lip kids. Oh and then there’s the little business of Kim Kardashian’s recent robbing at gunpoint in Paris. All in a day’s life, right?

Phew. Did you catch all that? The point is, the Kardashian clan is in need of some simpler times and Blac Chyna is bringing us back to earth dishing about pregnancy and her baby’s due date.

Rob and Chyna

Credit: @blacchyna/Instagram

The reality star opened up about her pregnancy again, including her exact weight gain and her due date, too.

She's not holding anything back and we're learning a lot!