Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Tot Daughter Saw One Of Her Parents Doing Something Naughty On Screen

Aug 15, 2016 at 10:14 am |

There has already been an incident…

As a parent, I try to keep my two year old away from things that may confuse him and may not be age appropriate. Films and television shows that feature sex and violence are toward the front of this list. Having a child see a stranger on the screen in one of these acts, probably a tad perplexing. Seeing one of their parents in one of these compromising situations, that would most likely be traumatizing.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are dealing with their very problem, because they are movie stars, after all.

Credit: Getty Images / Ron Sachs / Pool via CNP

Credit: Getty Images / Ron Sachs / Pool via CNP

Celebrity parents Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have already decided they won’t let their kids watch their movies — and we don’t blame them.

Find out what happened when little James saw something she shouldn’t have.