Boy Dies After Mom Treats Strep Infection with Essential Oil and Tea, Not Antibiotics

Dec 1, 2016 at 10:57 am |

Antibiotics would've saved the 7-year-old

How soon after your child develops a fever do you rush him/her to the doctor? As a “seasoned” mom, I know when my kids need to be seen right away, or when a cold or fever is something more serious.

When most parents see signs of serious illness, they usually take their children to a family doctor or pediatrician. But there are some parents who think that traditional medicine is not the only option, and choose to try herbal remedies.

But herbal medicines can’t always help, especially with serious medical issues.

boy sick

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A mother is under investigation after a boy died from a strep infection that the mom allegedly tried to treat with essential oils ignoring doctors advice.

Boy had never seen a doctor in his life