Breastmilk Gets Confiscated By Airport Security!

May 23, 2016 at 1:17 pm |

No one’s breastmilk is safe anymore.

It seems like breastfeeding mothers just can’t catch a break these days! Whether you’re a celebrity mother or not (not like there’s much of a difference), it seems like everyone’s breastmilk is getting dumped by the TSA at airports from all around the country as Hollywood actress Rose Byrne admits that it’s happened to her, too!

But what she told the TSA officials during a recent trip is what will definitely shock you. We always knew Byrne was both beautiful and smart, but ti looks like she is pretty gutsy, too!

Rose Byrne

Stephen Colbert/YouTube

Actress Rose Byrne’s breastmilk was confiscated by airport security!

This is getting ridiculous!