Bride-To-Be Doesn’t Want Tattooed Makeup Artist

Aug 2, 2016 at 6:24 pm |

She doesn’t hire makeup artist because of tattoos

I love tattoos. I only have one small tattoo but I ideally would love to have more. Tattoos are art, in my opinion – but not all people feel the same way.

I can’t imagine being discriminated against for having tattoos. A makeup artist was simply because she had tattoos.

Kymm McLayne, a makeup artist from Charlotte, North Carolina, posted that she wasn’t hired for bridal beauty services because of her tattoos.

Credit: Facebook / Kymm McLayne

Credit: Facebook / Kymm McLayne

Makeup artist receives hateful text message from bride client who called her names because she has tattoos.

Makeup artist shared bride’s texts on Facebook