Brilliant Way to Make Teenagers Respect Parents

Aug 25, 2016 at 9:28 am |

Fool-proof way for parents to get the last laugh

My boys are almost 12 and almost 10. They are close to the teen years and I’m SCARED.

They way those two argue right now with each other makes me frightened for the time when they are teenagers – they’ll be bigger and stronger and can seriously hurt each other.

Once puberty starts, the testosterone is a-raging, the surging hormones are taking over, and the attitude is at its peak. It’s a known thing for parents to have to deal with when they have teenagers in the house and all kinds of arguments can erupt from it.

But these parents had the best reaction to their grumpy teen and totally got the last laugh!

angry teen

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Parents grew tired of their angry teen slamming doors so they came up with the perfect solution.

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