Britney Spears’ Abs Are So Insane Some People Think They Are Fake!

May 23, 2016 at 11:38 am |

Are her abs for real?

While there’s no doubt that Britney Spears has had some major ups and downs in the last few years, there’s no denying that she’s looking her best these days. Whether she’s happy or not is something that we’ll never know but judging by her pics, she is definitely putting in a lot of work these days as her body is basically BANGIN’.

Yet there are a lot of haters and Internet trolls this morning who are claiming that Brit Brit’s abs at the Billboard Music Awards might have been contoured with some very good makeup work. WHAT?!? How is that even possible?

Britney Spears abs

Britney Spears/Instagram


Some people think Britney Spears’ abs are nothing more than real good makeup contouring work.

See some of the photos for yourself!