Bruce Springsteen Treats His Mother To A Dance She’ll Never Forget

Mar 30, 2016 at 4:06 pm |

This is a feel-good video you must see.

When I think of Bruce Springsteen, I think of three things: wildly handsome, dancing in the dark and New Jersey (yeah, the last part is a given). The man known simply as “The Boss” to millions of his fans worldwide is more than just that. He’s just another guy from the Garden State who absolutely loves his mother which makes him all the more sexier, too.

Springsteen brought fans to their feet during a recent concert by dedicating a song to the woman who has always been his biggest fan. As 90-year-old Adele saw her famous son playing his mega hit “Ramrod,” she rushed onto the stage and shocked everyone by doing the unexpected.

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Photo Credit: Bruce Springsteen/YouTube

Bruce Springsteen brings the crowd to their feet by dancing with his mother on stage during a recent concert.

He might be The Boss, but this video proves he loves his mom.