Bump Watch For Jennifer Aniston? Do New Pics Of The Actress Prove She’s Expecting?

Jun 15, 2016 at 11:37 am |

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Ah, the celebrity baby bump watch, one of my favorite things! I love it when people look at a picture of a female celebrity and try to deduce if she’s gestating simply because she looks like she may have just eaten lunch!

Jennifer Aniston has long been vocal about her distaste for the pressure put on her and other women to have children, seemingly embracing her life and being quite happy being childless.

However, new pictures have just emerged of the actress on vacation with husband Justin Theroux and they’ve definitely set off a few rumors that there may be a tiny bun in her oven.

Credit: Getty Images / Mark Davis

Is Jennifer Aniston having a baby? New pictures of the actress in a bikini have defintely started tongues wagging.

Baby bump or not?