Cake Smashing Isn’t Just For Babies. Adults Are Getting In On The Fun Too!

Apr 11, 2016 at 2:26 pm |

Why should kids have all the fun?!

Kids birthday parties are over the top these days. We as parents go all out so our children can have the most memorable day to celebrate their milestones, especially when they turn one!

Jackie Slinkard, a mom of two, decided she wanted to do something special to commemorate her 30th birthday so she and her friend, photographer Amiee Berry, put their heads together and came up with something perfectly amazing!

AJ's Expressions Facebook

Photo Credit: AJ’s Expressions Facebook

This mother of two celebrated a milestone birthday with a photo shoot that shows kids don’t get to have all the fun on birthdays!

See how she celebrated her big day with an awesome cake smash!