Caught On Camera: Man Witnesses A Mom Leave Her Baby Alone In A Car And Confronts Her

Apr 27, 2016 at 7:52 pm |

A noble action or harassment?

This is so awful! I think most of us get angry at the mere thought of someone leaving their infant in a hot car. After all, there’s no excuse for doing it and we’ve seen enough tragedy in the news about children overheating and even dying after being left in cars that you would think people would know better.

A Richmond, California man recently saw a woman leave her infant unattended in a hot car while she went in to her local Game Stop so he decided to take action.

Manny Williams, who witnessed the woman leave her infant in the car, recorded her and then confronted her about what she’d done.

Manny Williams Facebook

Photo via Manny Williams Facebook

A man witnessed a mother leave her baby alone in a car so he confronted her about it and filmed the entire ordeal.

See what happens when he confronted her for leaving a baby alone in a car.