Celebrity Parents Are Just Like The Rest Of Us: Macklemore Freaks Out With Baby’s First Steps

Apr 25, 2016 at 12:08 pm |

So adorable!

Do you remember when your child took their first steps?! Do you remember how ridiculously excited you were watching them as they toddled across the floor?! It’s so amazing, isn’t it?

Having kids is awesome, but watching those kids reach certain milestones can be mindblowing sometimes. It’s even better when you can catch those milestones on video, too.

Rapper Ben ‘Macklemore’ Haggerty welcomed his first child, daughter Sloane with his wife Trish in late May last year, which means as she approaches her first birthday she’s approaching some pretty big milestones.

Macklemore Instagram

Macklemore Instagram


Rapper Macklemore shares a proud dad moment when he films his daughter walking for the first time.

Watch as Macklemore has the best ‘dad’ reaction to seeing his daughter walk for the first time