Chelsea Houska’s Ex Has Two Warrants Out For His Arrest

Sep 19, 2016 at 1:21 pm |

Adam Lind is wanted – by his two baby mamas!

When it MTV gave the go-ahead for the Teen Mom franchise, they probably had no idea how many of the stars would have brushes with the law. From Amber Portwood’s incarceration for drugs to Jenelle Evans’ multiple arrests for everything from assault to drugs, there is no lack of drama on the legal front with the show’s stars.

Well, the latest star to have a brush with the law is Chelsea Houska’s former flame Adam Lind, who currently has two warrants out for his arrests.

And what he is wanted for is going to make you really, really mad.

Credit: MTV

Credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star’s ex is wanted by the law and there are TWO warrants out for his arrest. WHY?

Why is Adam Lind wanted?