Child’s ‘Heat Rash’ Turned Out To Be Something More Deadly

Jun 20, 2016 at 9:49 am |

Her mom is hoping their story will help others

The summer months means many parents have to be extra diligent over their child’s health. We have to make sure we’re protecting them from the son, from dehydration and the safety issues that can happen when riding bikes or splashing in the pool.

Many of us are aware of the signs of heat rash and sun stroke, but what one mother spotted a rash on her daughter and thought it was heat rash — she was wrong and the real diagnosis almost killed her.


Credit: Facebook / Jazmyn’s meningococcal B journey.

4-year-old girl was brought to the hospital with what her parents suspected was heat rash, but it was so much worse.

She spends months in the hospital and it could have been worse.